Small Animal Anesthesia

At East Side Animal Hospital in Owensboro, KY, we understand that pet owners may be concerned about anesthesia.

Small Animal Anesthesia in Owensboro, KY

We offer small animal anesthesia services that prioritize the safety and well-being of your pet.

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Individualized Anesthesia Care

East Side Animal Hospital offers an array of anesthesia protocols for our patients. Anesthesia is administered for medical or surgical purposes and is based on each specific patient. All patients undergo a pre-anesthetic assessment by Dr. Marsch, so the proper protocol is prepared for each case. Depending on the procedure and patient history, baseline screening of blood values, thyroid, urine, and/or radiographs may be performed prior to anesthesia to reduce risks.

We believe in providing individualized care for each patient undergoing anesthesia. Our experienced team will carefully assess your pet’s health status and tailor the anesthesia protocol to meet their needs.

Safe and Monitored Procedures

Our well-trained support staff will closely monitor your pet during the anesthesia procedure. We use modern monitoring equipment to track your pet’s vital signs, ensuring their safety and comfort throughout the procedure.

Benefits of Small Animal Anesthesia at East Side Animal Hospital

Choosing East Side Animal Hospital for your pet’s anesthesia needs offers several benefits, including:

  • Safety: We prioritize your pet’s safety throughout the anesthesia procedure.
  • Individualized Care: Each pet receives a customized anesthesia plan based on their unique needs.
  • Experienced Team: Our veterinary team is experienced in small animal anesthesia and will ensure your pet receives the highest level of care.

When to Consider Small Animal Anesthesia

Small animal anesthesia may be necessary for a variety of procedures, including:

  • Dental Cleanings: Anesthesia is often required for thorough dental cleanings and procedures.
  • Surgeries: Many surgical procedures require anesthesia to ensure your pet remains comfortable and still during the operation.
  • Diagnostic Imaging: Some diagnostic procedures, such as X-rays or ultrasounds, may require anesthesia for accurate results.

Schedule Your Pet’s Anesthesia Procedure Today

If your pet requires anesthesia for a procedure, trust the experienced team at East Side Animal Hospital in Owensboro, KY. We are dedicated to providing safe and compassionate care for your furry family member. Contact us today to schedule your pet’s anesthesia procedure, and rest assured, they will be in good hands.