Pet Radiology

At East Side Animal Hospital in Owensboro, KY, we understand the importance of accurate diagnostic imaging for your pet’s health.

Pet Radiology in Owensboro, KY

We offer comprehensive pet radiology services to help diagnose and treat a variety of medical conditions.
dog getting an xray

Understanding Pet Radiology

A radiograph (sometimes called an X-ray) is a type of photograph that can look inside the body and reveal information that may not be discernable from the outside.

Pet radiology, including X-rays, provides our experienced doctor with vital information about your pet’s health. By quickly viewing the skeleton and internal organs of a sick or injured pet, we can diagnose conditions such as fractures, tumors, and internal injuries.

Services Offered

Our pet radiology services include:

  • Digital X-rays: We use state-of-the-art digital X-ray technology to produce high-quality images quickly and efficiently.
  • Diagnostic Imaging: Our experienced doctor will carefully review the images to diagnose any medical conditions affecting your pet.
  • Treatment Planning: Based on the results of the radiographic images, we will develop a personalized treatment plan for your pet’s specific needs.

Benefits of Pet Radiology

There are several benefits to choosing pet radiology at East Side Animal Hospital:

  • Accurate Diagnosis: Radiographic imaging allows us to accurately diagnose a wide range of medical conditions affecting your pet.
  • Non-Invasive: X-rays are a non-invasive diagnostic tool, meaning they do not require surgery or anesthesia.
  • Quick Results: We can produce and review X-ray images quickly, allowing for prompt diagnosis and treatment of your pet’s condition.

When to Consider Pet Radiology

Pet radiology may be necessary in the following situations:

  • Trauma or Injury: If your pet has been injured or involved in an accident, X-rays can help determine the extent of their injuries.
  • Chronic Pain: If your pet is experiencing chronic pain or discomfort, radiographic imaging may help identify the underlying cause.
  • Monitoring Treatment: X-rays can monitor the progress of treatment for certain medical conditions, such as fractures or tumors.

Schedule Your Pet’s Radiology Appointment Today

If you believe your pet could benefit from radiographic imaging, don’t hesitate to contact East Side Animal Hospital in Owensboro, KY. Our experience veterinarian and staff are here to provide compassionate care and accurate diagnosis for your furry friend. Schedule your pet’s radiology appointment today and give them the gift of good health.