Skin Care for Dogs and Cats

Anyone who has ever tried to sleep in a room with an itchy dog or cat can tell you that pet allergies are miserable for both pets and people. People get runny noses, itchy eyes, sneezing or wheezing when allergies flair. In dogs and cats, the problems are mostly skin-related: They scratch, chew their skin, rub against stationary objects or shake their heads in frustration from itchy ears.

Allergies typically show up within the first three years of a pet’s life and worsen with age. Sadly, they can’t be cured, only controlled. Knowing what causes allergies is an important first step toward treating them, and East Side Animal Hospital is proud to offer help. Flea bites are a top cause of these allergies, but food and environmental issues are a problem for many dogs and cats. Dust, pollen and spores in the home and yard gather in the pet’s fur, and the allergens trigger reactions.

With modern veterinary options and a world of new products to help, canine and feline allergies can be managed better than ever before.