Adult Pet Care

Annual Exams

Healthy adult dogs & cats should receive a comprehensive physical exam at least once a year. The physical exam is a vital part of preventative medicine as some irregularities can be detected upon physical exam early before they become major health issues. The typical annual exam would include appropriate vaccinations, a fecal flotation parasite test, an annual Heartworm test (for our canine patients) and establishment of appropriate heartworm/flea/tick prevention products according to Dr. Marsch’s recommendation on the individual needs of your dog or cat. Based on physical exam findings, Dr. Marsch will make recommendations for additional treatments as needed. Pets that are on daily medications to manage a specific medical condition should receive annual or bi-annual blood work to check for side effects to the organ systems or in some cases to make sure medication levels are at the appropriate levels to manage the condition. In addition, stray cats or cats adopted as older kittens or adults should also be tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.